Peregrine Update — Banding Day!


Last Friday was banding day for the four peregrine chicks atop the Superman building, and for the fourth year in a row Providence wildlife photographer Peter Green went along with the experts from the Audubon Society to document the event. The photographs are amazing (go to Providence Raptors) but this one best hints at the insanity of the venture. Joe Zbyrowski (in the blue helmet) heads toward one squawking chick while fending off the dive-bombing parents with a broom. (One of them got him on the arm.)

Mr. Green, who calls this his “favorite day of the year” says the whole operation took a little over 30 minutes. Green also wore a helmet saying “it can get scary with two birds screaming and attacking from different directions. They also know to stay between us and the sun, so it’s more difficult for us to see them. We try to stay against the walls; the birds won’t fly too close to the wall at high speeds.” According to the Audubon website these birds can clock 175 miles/hour.

And check out the video of ‘Banding Day 2008’ after the jump.

(Photo by Peter Green. All rights reserved. See also Green’s 111 Westminster Street poster.)


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  1. I love the video and love the birds. A couple months ago I had the excellent opportunity to see the mama falcon flying back into the nest area from the top of the adjacent One Financial Plaza building. At the time I thought it was a hawk but when I did a little internet snooping I realized it probably had to be the falcon.

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