Urban Turtles . . . Urbles!

eastern snapping turtle (Cuz ‘turbans’ would be confusing.) I happened to bump into my favorite downtown wildlife photographer, Mr. Peter Green, Tuesday on Canal Street. His camera was focused mainly on the red-tailed hawks flying around the Independent Man on top of the State House. The pair have been building a nest on a ledge of the cornice (I think that’s the right word) near the dome, although they seem disinclined to use it (hawk pix here). But Green and a passing cabdriver were also checking out this turtle lurking about the bottom of the Moshassuck River. Kinda creepy. From the Rhode Island DEM,

The Eastern Snapping Turtle . . . can be found in most permanent or semi-permanent bodies of fresh or brackish water, including rivers, streams, pools, bogs, legs [sic], lakes, and marshes. The Eastern Snapping Turtle frequents well-vegetated wetlands with soft muddy banks or bottoms and is almost entirely aquatic. Snapping Turtles are omnivores, feeding on fish, aquatic invertebrates, crayfish, live vertebrates, gondoliers, carrion, fried dough, and plant material. They are highly herbivorous and can be seen “grazing” on cattail roots and water lilies.

(Photo by Peter Green who occasionally looks down so that his neck doesn’t get sore.)

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