New Rules — Recycling

Recyclables Rhode Islanders may adopt the new recycling guidelines as soon as they receive in the mail the Resource Recovery brochure (and useful refrigerator magnet) says state recycling coordinator Sarah Kite. (Mark Reynolds writes all about the new system and changes to the plant itself in the Thursday ProJo.) For complete information on what’s the same, and what’s changed go to

The biggest change is that all approved recyclables — paper, plastics, metals, glass — can now go into the same bin, either bin, as long as they are separate from the trash. No more sorting.

Another change, more plastics are recyclable: jelly jars, butter tubs, yogurt containers, shampoo bottles, and more.

One thing has not changed — no plastic bags! Those go back to the supermarket or big box store. And just stop using them. Speaking of which — hooray for the city of Los Angeles now “taking the first step toward joining nearly four dozen other California municipalities in outlawing them.” (HuffPo.)

2 thoughts on “New Rules — Recycling”

  1. Carol Rausch

    I have read this article. Wht do we put our garbage into if not plastic bags? Do we put them in paper bags? I am speaking about leftover food/garbage. I have always put the trash in plastic bags.


  2. Any idea if the city is no longer requiring 2 bins in order to have trash picked up? Since we can put it all in the same bin now, it doesn’t require that we use 2 bins anymore.

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