New Rules Redux— Recycling Plastics

plastics Just a reminder about the new rules regarding plastics from the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation. There are more items that can go in the bins now.

In fact, you can now recycle all plastic containers up to 2 gallons. Don’t worry about the numbers  or the little triangle. Is it a plastic container? Is it 2 gallons or smaller? If so, recycle it! This means  you can now recycle plastic jars, tubs, cups, yogurt containers, take-out containers and egg cartons too.

Soda, shampoo, water bottles/butter, ice cream, margarine tubs/mayo, peanut butter, jelly jars/milk, juice, detergent jugs/plastic take-out containers/plastic egg cartons/yoghurt containers/iced coffee cups.

No styrofoam! And no plastic shopping bags! Bring plastic shopping bags back to the store. And finally, do not place recyclables in plastic bags. (What Can I Recycle?)

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  1. What’s the deal with the giant card stock notices sent to everyone explaining the new rules? They seem to have four-color printing and are larger than legal-sized (8 1/2″x11″). Seems kind of absurd to mail those to everyone in the state.

    The magnet which was also enclosed indicates that it’s possible to get the important information on a postcard.

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