Tue For 2Uesday At Scürvy Dög

scurvy dog (6.10) The boys have carefully curated their playlist for tonight’s party time.

Spinning: Crunk Rock, “Rap people” music, Cheddar, 1890’s, Earth, China, Funko, Cowbop, Notown, RnR (rest & relaxation) music, Cricket chirp (jk!), Boner, Dark brown, Ah so, Twang, Royal Oui, Beast Box, hWammy, Unlimited RPM, & more!!!

Josh adds, “In the background, on the giant TV (if you can see past my awesome head) we will be showing Evil Dead 2 at 11pm sharp!”

Free, 10pm, Tuesday, June 10, Scürvy Dög, 1718 Westminster Street (fb)

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