New Rules — Recycling Paper And Cardboard

recycling Today’s lesson: paper and cardboard. Here’s what goes in the bins (any bin, either color). And remember, you can mix it all up with all the other stuff now. Have fun with it!

newspaper/phone books/envelopes/ office paper/spiral notebooks/flattened corrugated boxes/gift bags/paperback books/food boxes (see illustration)/junk mail/paper bags/magazines

So what’s new? Wrapping paper and tissue paper.

And if I may add an additional note here regarding the corrugated boxes — an open letter to the new guy in B-14 actually — break them down and flatten them you lazy bastard! This isn’t rocket science. (Sorry, that was a little over the top. I regret it already.)

For more info go to Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation “What Can I Recycle?”

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