New Rules — Some Recycling Don’ts

no wire hangers Mommie was right. The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation has found that wire hangers and other scrap metal have proven too difficult (even dangerous) to handle at the recycling facility.

While small scrap metal was accepted in the old program, it always presented serious problems, even in the old facility.  Wires, cables, and chains frequently wrap around sorting equipment (there’s a lot of spinning rotors in the Materials Recycling Facility) causing facility shut downs and in some cases, fires.  We’ve found wire hangers to be a big problem over time, even though they were pictured in our old flyers as a recyclable. We learned the hard way!

Also DO NOT put in your bins — styrofoam, chip bags and candy wrappers, greasy pizza boxes. But wait, there’s more. Go here for more Recycling Don’ts.

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  1. i believe that everything that is sold in our communities should be taken and recycled by our local governments – or things they won’t recycle shouldn’t be allowed to be sold or used. we all pay taxes (renters – you pay it as part of your rent) and these taxes should take care of everything we are handed that needs disposing where we live.

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