Spelling Bee At AS220

spelling bee (6.27) The 6th Annual ‘Not About the Buildings’ Spelling Bee has been rescheduled, having been postponed from an earlier date. Apparently Master of Ceremonies Matthew Lawrence lost his voice for seven days during which time it can be assumed his good friends tormented him mercilessly. Happily, Mr. Lawrence has found his voice and an open slot on the AS220 schedule.

Everything else will be the same as before. Signups will be at 8:30 and the Bee will begin at 9. It’s still $7 to spell and free to watch. There are still great prizes from the Providence Athenaeum, Tiny Showcase, Ada Books, What Cheer?, and Craftland. JP Reader will be judging and Kath Connolly will be dictionarying [sic] and Jason Tranchida will be the bookie. The Spelling Bee Study Guide zine will be debuted. Fun will be had.

He’s right about that; it’s real fun. And it gets funner and funner as the evening progresses . . . this being a bar and all.

Beth’s tip sheet/handicapping the contest: Last year I watched the first few rounds and put my money on the one contestant I could find not holding a beer bottle. I am told she came in second . . . if that helps. I don’t know if Jason can handle quinellas and such, but you may find some side action on the floor.

[Results from NATB: With a winning BIVOUAC/DYSPNEA combination, Benjamin Legg of Providence is officially the 2012 Spelling Bee Champion.]

9pm (8:30 if you want to spell), Spelling Bee (and Zine Release!), Wednesday, June 27, AS220, 115 Empire Street

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