‘Less Miserable’ At Steel Yard — July 2

less miserable poster Celebrate Independence Day by remembering the failed Parisian rebellion of 1832 (no gloating). The Steel Yard will be the Providence host venue for the touring production of Less Miserable (Victor Hugo’s classic tale told through song).

For the entire month of June, over seventy underground artists from around the country have converged in the woods of northern Vermont to mount a monumentally ambitious and unabashedly DIY adaptation Victor Hugo’s epic novel about post-Napoleonic France. This operatic take on Hugo’s sweeping narrative comes complete with badass musical arrangements, a 20-foot diameter revolving stage, and a cast, crew, and set requiring three veggie-oil school buses for transportation.

The show begins promptly at 8pm and runs approximately 3 hours including one intermission. During intermission, audience members can peruse an extensive bazaar of art, music, and crafts made by the artists involved.

8pm, Monday, July 2, the Steel Yard, 27 Sims Avenue, 273.7101

2 thoughts on “‘Less Miserable’ At Steel Yard — July 2”

  1. For the record, there was a wink. Right between “Who am I” and “At the end of the day.” Also: if you think Schumann made a mistake, what about all the people who gave a month of their lives, their kitchens, land, tools, skills and sweat to a pointless musical theatre project in the name of fun.

  2. Plagiarism of Schonberg and Boublil’s well known musical, lacking any original contributions. Ambitious, vast number of songs, challenging staging, blah blah blah. Some woman calling herself ‘the photographer’ kicked my very pregnant wife out of a seat. jerk . Theatrical equivalent of a cover band. To not credit the authors is also a lie to the audience. I do not care that you can not afford the licensing fee for production of this. What bothers me is you did not tell us that it would just be the usual version. yes victor hugo is credited, but he did not create the musical adaptation. Peter Schuman made a mistake in hosting this. It is plagiarism, without even a wink.

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