Fireworks For Sale — Demon Frogs And Bang Snaps

fiery frogs These adorable Fiery Frogs are described as “a multi-effect novelty with crackling eyes and glowing mouth. Gold and silver showers with crackle, and red and blue stars” and they are apparently selling well at $16.99 a pop. Phantom Fireworks has set up a tent in the parking lot on Taunton Avenue right next to the Bowling Academy, just over the river in East Providence (directions).

I have purchased some Wolf Pack bang snaps with which I shall announce my arrival wherever I go for the rest of my life (one box in my purse, one in the glove compartment).

There are more fireworks vendors along Warren Avenue and Highland Avenue, but this is the one I stumbled upon. According to the East Providence Patch, several temporary hawkers’ licenses were issued in spite of opposition from various local merchants.

The tents will all have to clear out shortly after the holiday, but Bill here at Phantom will be closing up at 11pm on the Fourth of July. (His hours are 10am to 9pm through June 30th; then 9am to 11pm, July 1st through July 4th.) You must be 18 years or older (or accompanied by an adult) to even enter the tent. All sales are final.

I love these frogs!!!

More pix after the jump.

bang snaps

family pack

heavy duty

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