Craft Beer Mecca Seeks Broadway Location

Nikki's mock-up Craft beer emporium Nikki’s Liquors (home of the popular Mix-a-Six) is hoping to relocate to Broadway from its current outpost on Smithfield Road. They have their eye on the long vacant pharmacy at the corner of Broadway and Vinton, right across the street from Julian’s. Pictured here is a mock-up of their proposal.

Julian’s manager Brian Oakley is wildly enthusiastic about the idea, inviting locals to “stop in Julian’s and sign a petition to support Nikki’s moving to our neighborhood!” A zoning variance will be necessary and Oakley wants to document neighborhood support. (There is always some old crank worried about drunk teenagers congregating on the corner.) Nikki’s has set up a website explaining their proposal.

(FYI: Julian’s will be closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, July 2-4.)

Or, we can keep looking at this.


1 thought on “Craft Beer Mecca Seeks Broadway Location”

  1. Yes, yes, yes. No more treks to North Prov. Where do I sign up? More importantly, where do I get my mix a six case?

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