More Recycling Don’ts

LOL Do NOT recycle boxes used for refrigerated and frozen foods such as; frozen pizza, beer and soda, TV dinners, and buttah. (Still, that Land O’ Lakes box can be “reused” — everybody knows this trick right? My mom showed me.)

The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation wants you to know why this thin cardboard is different; then it should be easier to remember.

Regular cardboard breaks down when wet, and that’s how recyclers at paper mills mush your cardboard back into pulp – they use water.  To prevent this from happening to all your boxed frozen and refrigerated cardboard packaging, it is either coated or treated with a chemical that prevents it from breaking down when wet – precisely what recyclers need it to do!  For this reason, refrigerated and frozen food boxes are contaminants to to our paper buyers, and are not accepted for recycling.

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  1. Strangely, beer and soda cartons DO get soggy when wet. What’s up with this prohibition? If you try to carry a wet case it will totally disintegrate. Try it! I don’t just mean corrugated, either.

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