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Quint with Gansett (7.5) Aah, this is the life. The salt wind in your hair, a cold can of Narragansett beer . . . what could possibly go wrong? Find out this Thursday in the next installment of Movies on the Block. New York Times movie critic Vincent Canby gave “Jaws” a fairly short review.

It’s a noisy, busy movie that has less on its mind than any child on a beach might have. It has been cleverly directed by Steven Spielberg (“Sugarland Express”) for maximum shock impact and short-term suspense, and the special effects are so good that even the mechanical sharks are as convincing as the people.

So, if you enjoyed “Sugarland Express,” check this out. Bring blanket, beach chairs, and a beverage in a can. (And save the date: July 12, “Caddyshack.”)

[Additional note in response to commenter’s query: According to the Narragansett Beer website, starting at 7pm “Tazza will have the outdoor grill going and serving some cold cans of Narragansett lager beer. A certain limited edition can might even make an appearance.”  Soooo . . .]

Jaws, free, starts at dusk, Thursday, July 5, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Street, (directions)

3 thoughts on “Jaws — ‘Movies On The Block’”

  1. There’s a grammatically iffy message on the screen before the movie saying that BYOB is not allowed. In five years this was only the second Movies on the Block that I’ve actually made it to; it was very crowded with distracting people like the gross couple directly in front of me who thought it was a good idea to hold hands and kiss through the whole movie. Ugh.

  2. It would appear that Tazza would like to sell you some food and beer. I confess I don’t know what the arrangement is here. In the past, the ‘Movies on the Block’ page has encouraged people to purchase food and beverages from the various surrounding businesses, but now they just suggest going to Tazza without saying what the policy on BYOB might be over in front of the screen. We welcome clarification on that point.

  3. “Bring blanket, beach chairs, and a beverage in a can.”

    Does this mean that Tazza has given up hassling people who bring their own alcohol?

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