Guitarist Dustin Wong In Beer Garden

Dustin Wong (7.19) I knew I recognized this name! It finally came to me. Dustin Wong played guitar in Ponytail, a Baltimore band that I liked a lot. In 2008 they played for a smallish crowd in one of those hot, dusty Olneyville spaces. It was an abbreviated set as Molly was feeling not so great (visibly green) but these guys shredded on guitar. Ponytail broke up in 2011 and now Dustin performs and records solo, using his collection (is there a word? a gaggle? a bevy? a murder?) of pedals to create intricately layered guitar music. Let him describe it.

I see all these pedals as a kind of textile factory. The sheets and colors are determined then the patterns are laid on top, one layer after another until it becomes a fabric mille feuille. Once that cake looks done it gets replicated again through another delay pedal. I can keep building these sounds on top each other and decide whether I want to take half of the cakes slices or not, if i do, I can gaze at the symmetrical void of what I have taken.

I don’t know what this will be exactly, but not boring I think. Beer Garden (with games, local Revival beer and food trucks) runs 4:30pm to 7pm.

Dustin Wong plays 5:30pm to 6:30pm, Thursday, July 19, Burnside Park Beer Garden Series, Kennedy Plaza

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