Block Party With Electric Six

PVD Block Party (7.22) If you like music outdoors on a summer night this is your weekend, and the Sunday block party at the PVD Social Club should be a corker.

Let’s get this right out there: I ♥ Dick Valentine. Sunday’s headliners Electric Six will be remembered chiefly for their 2003 hits “Gay Bar” and “Danger! High Voltage” (which may or may not have fellow Detroiter Jack White on vocals) but the band still records and performs.

Weirdly charismatic frontman Dick Valentine has a rather large head and an odd, brainiac, stage presence — as if he had been suddenly plopped down from some, much better place — a slightly appalled stranger in a strange land. But maybe that’s just him all the time I don’t know.

For one show I saw at the old Century Lounge, Valentine appeared onstage looking like a reasonably normal person (if considerably more dapper than most men of the time) but then he started talking. And while charming, his patter was always just a wee bit off somehow. What you quickly realize is that inside that big head is a big, big brain and he’s real smart and best of all, hugely silly. Most importantly, the music was mostly loud and fast and exactly what you will want at a block party. (Videos here.)

Also featuring: Triangle Forest, Satellites Fall, Soma Nove, Mighty Tiny, and Psychedelic Clown Car.

$12, 4pm to 10pm, Sunday, July 22, PVD Social Club, 71 Richmond Street

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