‘Live Bait’ At Black Box

95 empire (8.3) If you have a true story that in any way, shape, or form fits August’s theme: “HAVE YOU NO DIGNITY?” then come to “Live Bait” at the 95 Empire Black Box, put your name in the fishbowl and, when your name is called, come up and tell it. There is a six minute time limit. You are also welcome to just sit back and listen. “Live Bait” is hosted by Phil Goldman with musical accompaniment and offhand comments by Jerry Gregoire. Organizers shared their thoughts on the topic.

Since time began, and maybe even before, humans have been known to debase themselves for all sorts of reasons: money, power, and sex are the first that come to mind. But there are perhaps as many reasons as there have been humans in the first place. Who is to know why someone found himself crawling on his belly, shaming himself before friends, family, God and country? It may have been due to self-loathing; it may have been deemed necessary in order to get a leg up (and once that leg had been raised, it very well could have been used to debase the next person in line). All we know is that at some point, all of us have suffered a loss of dignity, either self-imposed or foisted upon us. It is simply one of the many prices of living on this planet among others of our own kind. So where’s the shame in that? Isn’t it time to throw caution to the dignitorial wind, stand up and tell the world all about it?

$7, 10pm, Friday, August 3, Black Box, 95 Empire Street

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