Darsombra At MWM

darsombra (8.9) On the bill tonight at Machines With Magnets — atmospheric psychodrone metal guitarist Darsombra. (Review of ‘Ecdysis’ from Aquarius),

Low-end drones, mysterious field recordings, sitar, haunting melody… and crushing electric guitar heaviness . . . This 34 minute, six-track debut cd from Baltimore’s Brian Daniloski (a member of metal mongers Meatjack) is right up our alley, and yours too if you dig the more abstract, arty, ambient sides of, say, Thrones, Melvins, Harvey Milk, Earth, and Fantomas. Ecdysis is just a bit scary, and full of super-heavy moments, so it could be taken as some kind of nightmare soundtrack. But there’s much beauty and gentleness here too. . . Anytime we find a disc where, y’know, one track sounds like 20th century classical meets Melvins and another like the labored, ritualistic breathing of some sort of demonic creature, and it’s metal but not really, and kinda pretty too, well, there’s only one way to end the review: recommended.

It is pretty. Listen here. (And this guy liked Eternal Jewel.)

With Kintaan, Dead Air, Rhythm and Blues Motherfuckers, Hector 3

9pm, Thursday, August 9, Machines With Magnets, 400 Main Street, Pawtucket, 475.2655

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