Lo-Fi, Low Brow Comics At Ada Books

me likes (8.24) Wise-cracking apples, eggplants and pears; foul-mouthed birds and bleeding tomatoes; dead carrots and heartless bananas; stone-faced bunnies; conceited vampire bats; snogging peanut butter; half-witted cat-munchkins; naked wieners; and poop. All this (and more!) can be yours, at Ada Books this Friday, where Lauren Barnett (Me Likes You Very Much) and Alabaster (The Complete Talamaroo) will be within talking and touching (no touching, please) distance, ready and able and possibly even willing to sign your recently purchased copy of one of their awesome books (from Hic and Hoc Publications). Miss Barnett will present a brief and amusing slide-show at 7:30 and some sort of snacks (none of the above) will be at hand.

Free, 7pm to 9 pm, Friday, August 24, Ada Books, 717 Westminster Street

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