Etsy Craft Party At Craftland

craftland (8.24) The Lorimer Workshop, a Providence based custom farm table maker, is hosting the 2012 Providence ETSY Craft Party at Craftland. Meet other Etsy Craftspeople, look at beautiful tables, browse distinct gifts, and nosh on some light edibles.

Craft Party is a global celebration of meeting and making. It’s a time to get to know your neighbors and exercise your creative spirit. Craft Parties take place around the world when communities come together to participate in art, craft, design and DIY in every form.

This year’s theme is ‘Wish You Were Here’. We encourage you to work together on projects that reflect your hometown. Think about local and regional crafts, music, style and food; ways to pay tribute to a notable landmark or place; an activity that tells local lore through handmade means; or any creative project that has local flavor.

6pm to 8pm, Friday, August 24, Craftland, 235 Westminster Street, (fb)

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