Most Metal Building \m/

granoff center The Metalmag Architectural Awards, sponsored by Metal Magazine, annually recognize the best in metal design and construction across the industry. This year, Brown University’s Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts was the winning entry in the Metal Buildings category. One of the jurors had this to say,

“You look at it, you look at it again, and you keep staring at it: What did they really do here to give you that image and how did they do that with metal? Coming back to the creative and innovative criteria: This is certainly an innovative project, all the pictures are very good, and you’re left scratching your head as to how you can possibly do this with metal.” —Scott Kriner

Are you kidding me Kriner? Everything is possible with metal! And look how the sunflowers soften the ” . . . CNC-milled zinc-composite skin that starts flush against the building on the western edge and gradually transitions to a pleated surface as it moves across the north and south façades toward the eastern edge of the building.” (The sunflowers were Kilmister’s idea.)

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