Air Quality Alert Day — Free Bus Rides, Trolleys

trolley (8.31) From RIPTA,

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management is predicting that air quality will reach unhealthy levels in Rhode Island especially in central and southern sections in the afternoon on Friday, August 31. A very humid air mass with southwest winds will be present at that time, which will lead to unhealthy air conditions. The poor air quality will be due to elevated ground level ozone concentrations.  Ozone is a major component of smog and is formed by the photochemical reaction of pollutants emitted by motor vehicles, industry and other sources in the presence of elevated temperatures and sunlight.

All RIPTA regular fixed-routes, excluding special services, will be free on “AIR QUALITY ALERT DAYS.” Just hop on and hop off.

How can you help? Limit driving, reduce idling, no mowing the lawn, and limit barbecue emissions. In other words, lay about the house all day long and don’t do a damn thing, and you get to say you’re helping the environment.

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