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stumpchair A recent article in The Phoenix about the mysterious StumpChair — an anonymous street artist who also goes by the name Johny Chair Seed — reveals little about the man’s identity but tells all about making your own StumpChair.

. . . “I promise it’s easier than IKEA,” he says. “All you need is a drill, not all those little Allen wrenches and instruction manuals.” The process is simple: find a broken or unwanted wooden chair and a corresponding tree stump. (Inspiration first struck StumpChair last summer when he saw the two items within yards of each other.) Remove the back of the chair and drill holes in the stump to line up with each spindle. Put glue in each hole and tap the chair down with a rubber mallet to get the spindles in tight. Then drive in a few screws to hold it in place while the glue dries. The day he comes across a stump chair he hasn’t made will be a good one, StumpChair says.

According to the StumpChair Facebook page Johny has left town for a while, so it’s up to us (and by “us” I mean “you”). At least one person has given it a whirl on 6th Street with very agreeable results. The artist adds “Thanks to places like the Steel Yard, AS220, and the community woodshop Keeseh Studio, Providence is a city where ‘you can basically learn how to build or make whatever you’d like without being affiliated with a university,’ he says.”

(This StumpChair is on the west side of Hope Street, north of Doyle.)

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