Chafee To Speak At DNC

turnto10 (9.4) Governor Lincoln Chafee is an interesting choice for the Democratic National Convention given his past life as a Republican and current Independent status. Personally I hope he uses every second of his time at the podium talking about what a douchebag Curt Schilling is. However, he will probably take the goddam high road.

Jim Taricani was given a preview copy of the Governor’s remarks and it all sounds very healing and anodyne (TurnTo10 report here). Come on Linc, less noblesse and more ass-kicking! We’ll see.

Governor Chafee is scheduled to speak between 8pm and 9pm. CNN starts coverage at 7pm.

[Additional Note: The Governor did a fine job with his unique perspective. Watch Chafee’s speech here. Also, Ian Donnis has posted the text of the speech over at WRNI. And finally, the convention correspondent for RI’s Future, John McDaid, discusses Chafee’s remarks with the R.I. delegation.]

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