Pond Scum a.k.a. Swan Boats’ Revenge

swan boat Sure, it looks delicious, but stay away. The Department of Parks and Recreation has issued this advisory.

The Rhode Island Department of Health has issued a health advisory for Roger Williams Park Ponds based on evidence of a bloom of cyanobacteria, better known as blue-green algae. This algae can be harmful to people and animals if touched or ingested.

The Providence Parks Department urges residents to take caution around the Roger Williams Park Ponds.

According to the Department of Health website this advisory is based on sampling conducted on August 16 and 17 by a DEM contractor. Health effects include stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

People are advised to avoid contact with waters that exhibit the following conditions: bright green coloration in the water or at the water surface and/or dense floating algal mats that form on the water’s surface. The water may look like green paint, thick pea soup, or green cottage cheese.

Might have figured that out.

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