Night Football At Brown

night game (9.22) There’s something about a night game. The Brown Bears will be hosting Harvard this Saturday evening. (They won their season opener with Holy Cross, 24-21.) The Brown football stadium on Elmgrove Avenue was not even designed for night games — special lighting has to be installed for these events. This game will even be televised on NBC Sports Network Homecoming so run a comb through your hair and act like you’ve been somewhere.

The stadium is larger than it looks with 17,000 having sold out the place in a night game two years ago. The capacity has been reported as high as 20,000, but that figure may date back to its opening in 1925 prior to the invention of deep-fried butter.

Tickets are $20 adults, $15 children. Parking on campus, etc.

4:30pm, Saturday, September 22, Brown Stadium, 400 Elmgrove Avenue

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