Unreasonable Search & Seizure — Panel At Brown

federal court (9.17) Ignorant dopes on the right are always going on about threats to “our precious freedoms” but they never get it right about which freedoms, where, and by whom. (It’s usually “Obama is after our guns.”)

Brown University’s Political Theory Project is hosting a discussion of recent Fourth Amendment decisions with speakers Michael Dreeben and Jeffrey Rosen, “Electronic Violations — The Evolution of Search and Seizure.”

With ever evolving technology, law enforcement officials employ investigative tools that were beyond the wildest dreams of the founding fathers. Consequently, many Americans are beginning to inquire what does the 4th Amendment’s guarantee against “unreasonable searches and seizure” mean in light of the technological advances in investigative technology? Where does the Supreme Court stand in light of the U.S. v. Jones case on GPS transponders and the Florence v. Board of Elected Freeholders case regarding the legality of strip searches?

This last decision allows for strip searches of citizens stopped for misdemeanors. (HuffPo “No Longer Supreme”)

Their recent ruling in Florence v. Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Burlington, allowing ridiculous full body searches, even for misdemeanors, is clearly a denigration of the 4th Amendment. But the same five judicial gentlemen who gave us Citizens United chose to take away another of our personal freedoms by legislating from an already stained bench.

6:30pm to 9pm, Monday, September 17, Room 101, Salomon Hall, Main Green, Waterman Street, Brown University

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