Weekend In Music

skeletonwitch Friday@Lupo’s, A$AP, Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown @Fête, Melissa Ferrick, Natalia Zukerman @Fête Lounge, Sean Price, Skyzoo, Dopeman @PVD Social Club, Groundhawgs, Vertical Twin, Sweet Love @AS220, Infernal Stronghold, Rampant Decay, Sandworm, Holy Night @the Spot Underground, Soul Panacea, Nights Without Television, Moxa @the Met, Skeletonwitch, Havok, Early Graves, Bog of the Infidel @Machines With Magnets (Ladyfest all weekend)* Le Fomo, Groke, As If, the Fagettes, Honey Dos, Downtown Boys

Saturday@AS220, Scarlet, Sinnet, Lists, Will @PVD Social Club, Mark Cutler and Men of Great Courage @Fête Lounge, Broadway, Us From Outside, These Hearts, Farewell Dreamer @Machines With Magnets, Fluct, Blevin Blectum, Fat Creeps, Wojcik, Omnivore, Pottymouth

Sunday@Fête Lounge, Buxton, Modern Merchant, Kennedy @AS220, Suicide Hotline, Glass Teeth, Brown Recluse Alpha @PVD Social Club, Kingsley Flood @Machines With Magnets, Brief Awakening, Gertrude Atherton, Mother Tongue, Tomboy, Whore Paint

*Proceeds benefit Girls Rock! RI

(Photo of Skeletonwitch)

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