Thank You PawSox

PawSox logo Can’t let this go by without some mention. The Pawtucket Red Sox had a great season this year, winning the Governor’s Cup for the first time since 1984 (get your T-shirts here). A crowd of about 200, including Governor Chafee and Pawtucket Mayor Grebien, celebrated in front of Pawtucket City Hall on Thursday, unveiling this street painting which might be best viewed from a blimp or perhaps the top of a double-decker bus. PawSox President Mike Tamburro told the crowd,

“This team overcame all odds,” he said, “to take us on a September ride to the championship.” “The way they fought and brought back this championship” served as inspiration. “If you work hard and work together, you can make great things happen.”

So they didn’t go all the way, this is still huge. As noted on Thursday, it’s real hard keeping a strong lineup together in Triple-A.

Before saying a little about each player, announcer Steve Hyder said there were “maybe six or seven left on our roster from Opening Day” because so many had moved up to the big leagues.

Nobody doesn’t love the PawSox. A night at McCoy is the best deal in town. Congratulations team!

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