Obama Fundraiser At Blaze — Cool Merch

obama biden (9.25) Here in Rhode Island our votes may not actually count for much, but our money is still the right color. Recent polls (in the states that do matter) look promising but let’s not get complacent. Yes, we’ve all had our disappointments with this administration but Obama must be reelected. And now comes news that the odious Ralph Reed wants back in the limelight and is prepared to whip his minions into a lather. (NYT 9.23.12)

At the Republican convention in Tampa, Fla., he was sought after by party luminaries and afforded the ultimate status accommodation, a room in the same hotel as Mitt Romney. And soon he plans to unleash a sophisticated, microtargeted get-out-the-evangelical-vote operation that he believes could nudge open a margin of victory if Mr. Romney can keep the race close.

So head over to Blaze Restaurant today and do your part for the Obama-Biden campaign. Hosted by Carol Edmonds, Phyllis Arffa, Sue Pegden, Brett Smiley, Matt Jerzyk, Chris Blazejewski (yes, Blaz at Blaze) and more. “There will be great food, fun and lively conversation! And if you want Obama-Biden “swag” this is the place to be! Obama lawn signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, buttons or Dog/Cat collars.”

Suggested donation: $35

6pm, Monday, September 24, Blaze Restaurant, 776 Hope Street

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