‘Fabric Flesh’ by Flynn Grinnan At Yellow Peril

Fabric Flesh Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to present Fabric Flesh, a series of large scale figurative works by Flynn Grinnan. Humans have an intimate connection to fabric. In fact, without it we would be naked. Outerwear, underwear, drapes and sheets all cover our bodies and our lives, keeping the private in and the body clothed, warm, and invisible. It is also a metaphor for the ‘stuff’ of the universe — the substrate in which existence takes place.

Flynn Grinnan’s new work covers the body in fabric. Comprised of a series of life-size, large scale figure sculptures, the forms in Fabric Flesh seem to emerge right from the ground they’re placed on. The abstracted surface of the form is enlivened by an intricate network of folds and lines of movement, yet the stillness of the posed body retains the feeling of a moment frozen in time. Active and delicate, Grinnan’s pieces are an eloquent expression of the human form – in fact they’re derived directly from it. They are not a representation. Show runs through November 4. (More after the jump)

Opening Reception: Friday, October 5, 6pm to 9pm, Yellow Peril Gallery, The Plant, Valley Street (map)

Grinnan’s process stems from explorations covering and draping the human body in his earlier work, as seen in his April 2012 exhibition at Yellow Peril Gallery, BODY PRESENCE. Working with a series of dedicated models, Grinnan drapes fabric over their bodies, creates a mold of the fabric and casts a one-of-a-kind shell. The result is a stunning recreation of the covered body, casted in a neutral, crème-colored fabric. Creased and folded to perfection, each piece carries with it a nod to renaissance-era figure sculpture and fabric study while exhibiting a contemporary reading of the body – protected, hidden, even restrained by fabric.

FABRIC FLESH marks the debut of Yellow Peril Gallery’s new Satellite Projects program, and the exhibition will launch #102 Satellite Project, a 2,500 square foot space devoted to new artistic explorations located in The Plant at 60 Valley St #102, Providence, RI. Opening reception is on Friday, October 5, 2012, from 5PM – 9PM.

About Flynn Grinnan
FLYNN GRINNAN is an experiential artist originally from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, trained in traditional pottery methods and techniques to create functional objects. His artwork addresses the interaction between material and the human body. His newest work accentuates the intersection of fabric and body through the use of fabric draped over a live model, molded and casted – leaving an illusory fabric sheet mimicking the moment it covered a live body. Grinnan’s goal is to present evidence of the human body to the viewer, and has done this previously through a thrown vessel form, a fired slab of clay that was draped over a body, or a photograph depicting similar acts. Through the indication of a body’s presence, the relationship between the viewer and the object becomes an isolated experience that can activate feeling and emotion in relation to the viewer’s own body. A graduate of Hampshire College, with a focus in studio arts, Flynn now lives and creates in Providence, Rhode Island. For more info about Flynn Grinnan, visitflynngrinnan.com.

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