Bands From Here — Fangs, Bolts, and Arks

Major “Major” — as in major chords and major fun — is the latest album from Fang Island, another band to come out of RISD (they’re in Brooklyn now). The band, who describe their sound as “everyone high-fiving everyone,” are currently touring everywhere but here. The song “Dooney Rock” — an ecstatic riverdance/pogo freak-out (Big Country meets Andrew WK) — must really get the crowd going. Please, I need to see these guys live. Once before I die. (Video of “Sisterly” after the jump.)

“Oblivian Hunter” (Load), the new album from Lightning Bolt, got a mention from Jon Pareles in the Sunday New York Times, the mere fact of which suggests respect and affection even if it is hard to discern actual praise.

Every so often Mr. Chippendale yowls some desperate, unintelligible vocals, or feedback and sirens screech above the instruments. The frenetic repetition draws on, and burns through, copious sources: thrash, military tattoos, progressive rock, drum-and-bass, nyah-nyah taunts, catfights among hyenas, tornadoes hitting junkyards, even raga — which is suggested by the album’s one respite, “The Soft Spoken Spectre,” a twangy, drumless, minute-long modal tune and drone. It’s only a breather to let the rest of the barrage hit harder.

Following his stint with LCD Soundsystem, fellow Fort Thunder guy Gavin Russom got back to work on his own project, the Crystal Ark. They released a single in September, “We Came To,” with your choice of house or dub mix; and earlier in the summer, the band contributed a track to the recent Fleetwood Mac tribute album “Just Tell Me That You Want Me.” Russom runs “Tusk” through the synthesizer making it a much more interesting song than it ever was. (There’s a lot to like on this album: Check out the happy happy funtime “Hold Me” by Haim; also J Mascis interprets Peter Green on “Albatross.”)

Their name comes from a piece in The Onion.


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