Happy What Cheer Day

what cheer garage (10.13) On Saturday, October 13, the Rhode Island Historical Society hosts its first-ever What Cheer Day, a fun-filled day of history taking place at four sites.

When Roger Williams crossed the Seekonk River to found Providence, the Narragansetts greeted him with “What cheer, netop?” A common greeting in the 17th century, “What cheer?” or “What news of cheer do you bring?” is similar to a 21st century expression, “What’s new?” “Netop” is a Narragansett word for friend.

Ever since the Narragansetts are said to have hailed Roger Williams with “What cheer, netop?” the phrase “What Cheer” has been quintessentially Rhode Island: you can find it on street signs and storefronts, and it’s even the motto of Providence. Discover your history on What Cheer Day!

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