Concert At Grant Recital Hall

grant recital hall(10.21) But probably no piano. This is just a picture of a piano. In Grant Recital Hall. Anyway, head over to Grant for a free performance tonight. “Ineffably Poignant Future Pastness” is a concert for percussion and interactive electronics featuring percussionist Fred Kennedy and music by students in Music 2230: Composing for Real-Time Systems.

(MEME — Multimedia & Electronic Music Experiments — is an interdisciplinary program within the Brown University Music Department that focuses on the creative use of emerging technology for real-time interactive performance and installation.)

Featured students: Elliot Creager, Akiko Hatakeyama, Brian House, Dan Rome, Asha Tamarisa, Seth Thom, ad Kristina Wolfe.

Poster after the jump.

Free and open to the public, 8pm, Sunday, October 21, Grant Recital Hall, 105 Benevolent Street, 401.863.3234


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