Head Up To New Hampshire Sunday — ‘Get Out The Vote’ Canvass

Vote for Obama Mayor Taveras’s senior counsel and policy guy, Matt Jerzyk, is rallying the troops to head up to New Hampshire Sunday.

Just like in 2000, New Hampshire’s 4 electoral votes may decide the presidency.  And Mitt Romney has just taken a 1 point lead in NH in the latest polling. Please take a few hours and join Rhode Islanders heading up to New Hampshire to do our part for America’s future.

Don’t know if that “1 point” represents the latest latest polling, but who cares . . . you are needed. And you get a free trip to New Hampshire with cool, like-minded people. Extra bonus feature — foliage!

Everyone will meet exactly at noon at the north parking lot of Hope High School, work out a carpool plan, and then head up to New Hampshire staging locations.

Noon, Sunday, October 28, Hope High School, Hope at Olney Street, (RI2NH event page and map)

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