More Layoffs At ProJo In November

ProJo With an eye to cutting costs by $1.2 million, Providence Journal managers will proceed with layoffs in November. Ian Donnis at WRNI spoke with Newspaper Guild President John Hill,

He says ProJo managers are determining which positions in news and advertising will be eliminated. Once those decisions are announced in November, Hill says, employees will be offered the opportunity to take buyouts. Buyouts could reduce the number of layoffs, he says.

Hill says he doesn’t know how the layoffs will be divided between news and advertising. A rough estimate has indicated $1.2 million in reductions could equal about 15 positions.

Bob Plain, writing at RI’s Future, reminds us that just last March Belo executives gave themselves some hefty raises. So things are looking up in Dallas. Meanwhile, back in Rhode Island . . . more unemployment and less investigative journalism.

We need our newspapers.

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