The (Unfinished) Ballad Of Adam And Elena Emery

The (unfinished) Ballad of Adam and Elena Emery is a multimedia installation and roving performance piece by Jacob Richman based on a murder story that took place in Rhode Island in the early 1990s.  It is a setting which utilizes four dancers, nine musicians, and almost a dozen rooms of the Mathewson Street United Methodist Church in downtown Providence. It is a mobile murder ballad based on dreams and echoes, fragmented words, images, sounds, and objects inspired by this heartbreaking story.  In The (unfinished) Ballad… the audience moves throughout the five floors of the building, filled with performers and various interactive media technology, from large video projections to nine-foot tall robotic curtains, cell phone buzzers, broken lobster traps, blue cellophane, cloth, and the haunting presence of the historic Mathewson Street Church itself, all unified to recreate and reinterpret a tragic and unexplainable act of violence and the folklore that surrounds it. More information at Jacob Richman/Ballad.

Free, 8pm, Saturday and Sunday, November 3rd and 4th, Mathewson Street United Methodist Church, 134 Mathewson Street

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