Financial workshop for artists at the Steel Yard

The Steel Yard invites you to a workshop with financial guru E. Larson Gunness. Focusing on financial management for artists, this workshop is based on Larson’s book ‘Peace, Love, and Financial Planning; an illustrated guide to money.’

The workshop will be held in the Steel Yard office, located at 27 Sims Ave, Providence, RI, and is free of charge.

Overview of Workshops
As an artist, you need to deal with many of the same issues faced by other small business owners.  While you may want to just focus on your creative work, the need to deal with money is unavoidable.  Do you want to know more about how to manage finances?  Is the topic of money one that you avoid, even though you know you shouldn’t?  Do you just want to be in control of money in your life and work?  Do you want to understand how to approach the relationship between debt and savings/investment?

If any of these questions resonate for you, you’ll benefit from this workshop.

E. Larson Gunness in a creative entrepreneur who lives in Barrington, RI with his wife and two children. The Peace, Love, and Financial Planning project brings together the two halves of his brain by blending his creative practice and professional skills in the field of personal finance. In his business career, he has 14 years of experience in the financial sector (with Smith Barney, Fidelity Investments, and for the past 6 years at the helm of his own firm).

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