Sweet Love At Dusk

motor (11.20) Glad I bumped into this music. The name Sweet Love threw me off at first; I pictured ukeleles and dulcimers. What I had not expected to find was a fuzz-rock power trio totally kicking ass, but there you are. Even on the slower cuts, these guys crank it (lots of those chunky riffs that rattle your ribcage when you stand too close). In a recent enthusiastic review of the band’s debut album “Motor” Chris Conti of the Phoenix had this to say;

These three dudes click and fire on all cylinders, with musty pulses laid down by Roberge, Menard’s vocals bobbing atop feedback-drenched chords, and Hunter’s crisp and concise skills behind the kit. The songs here glow red-hot like the business end of a reefer-stuffed blunt.

Conti hears Queens of the Stone Age. I hear a little Wolfmother. My favorite song is ‘The Circle.’ Go to Sweet Love to listen. Openers are Owl (from Oakland).

$5, 9:30pm, Tuesday, November 20, Dusk, 301 Harris Avenue

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