Weekend In Music

AAS Friday@the Met, the Agents, Boo City, Riki Rocksteady @Nick-A-Nee’s, Becky Chace Band @PVD Social Club, First Time, Visionz of War, Lead Bones, Wolf Beast, Capgras Delusion @the Spot, the Washingtons, Ravi Shavi, the Andrew Spatz Band

Saturday@AS220, Egg Brains, Faber, Su Casa, the Otis Read Band @Fête Lounge, This Is a Movement, Sideshow, Outlook Not Good, Roman Numeral Three @Firehouse 13, From Atlantis, Against Amber Skies, With Integrity, Suburban Downfall, Tempted Through Time @the Apartment, Fried Miracle @the Spot, Normal Instruments, Sex on Decks, Matt Carey @the Met, the Schemers, Dan Lilley Band @Nick-A-Nee’s, Paul Geremia @PVD Social Club, the Copacetics, the Forthrights, Llama Tsunami, Mr. Furious, Nick and the Adversaries

Sunday@Fête Lounge, B. Dolan, Juan Deuce and Falside, Metermaids @Firehouse 13, (starts 2pm) Held Hostage, the Trans Fats, Live Fast Die Fast, Lowlife, Penalty Kill, Barber Cop, and more @AS220, Dastardly, Wind and Ghosts, Corey RJ

(Photo of Against Amber Skies)

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