Stripers In The Bucket?

seekonk river drawbridge Interesting cover story by Bryan Rourke in today’s ProJo — “Icon or eyesore?” — about the Seekonk River Drawbridge and what, if anything, should be done about it. Finished back in 1908, this railroad bridge connecting Providence and East Providence opened up for the last time in the late 70’s, and that’s the familiar silhouette we all keep in our brains, and our hearts. A sentinel of sorts. There is nothing urgent about this; DOT reps interviewed by Rourke ponder both the potential of reviving rail traffic and removing the potentially hazardous and deteriorating structure.

Also interviewed is Hilary Treadwell creator of those T-shirts that have helped cement the iconic image (looking south) into the popular culture of the city.

Although there is evidence of considerable nighttime partying here, the only company at the time of this photo was a fisherman looking for pogies, a popular baitfish, because “The stripers are biting in Pawtucket!”

Looking south.

seekonk river drawbridge

Video from last May. Who knew?


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