Why Is This Man Smiling?

beohner Last August when Channel 10 reported that downtown jewelry store Copacetic had been robbed again (three times in two years) we wondered whether owner Don Beohner would finally pack it in and find a less “inviting” location. But he’s still right there on Peck Street becoming something of a downtown folk hero.

Turns out that two of the break-ins had been perpetrated by the same guy, one Kevin Jackson, who Providence Police nabbed within the month (he is currently at the A.C.I. having violated his parole on an earlier charge). The store’s security camera got some good tape on Jackson who got fingered (and not in a good way) by the women in his life whom it is safe to assume he had badly pissed off.

So those of you who would like to see a vibrant retail scene return to downtown Providence, help make it happen and do some shopping there this week; there’s some great shops and it’s not a mall. Copacetic (17 Peck Street) has jewelery, cool clocks, and whacky gadgets which the proprietor will gladly demonstrate. (He also repairs watches and costume jewelry.) Don’t forget, two hours free at the parking meters for the holidays.

Clocks which can be customized.


CAPTURED — Mr. Jackson, it is possible that crime is just really not your thing. Try to turn your life around, but for Pete’s sake, leave this store alone! They . . . have . . . a . . . camera.


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