I Know Plumbing When I See It

menorah So the Maccabees were card-carrying members of Pipefitters International. Who knew? By the time this menorah showed up in the state house rotunda everybody was so sick and tired of the endless tree discussion that we all just sighed and let it go.

However, my complaint now is based on aesthetic grounds. This stupendously gorgeous building is an architectural treasure designed by the firm of McKim, Mead & White and we can’t just fill it with cheesy, handmade knickknacks. And I include in this discussion the ineffably creepy manger scene tucked in right under the menorah by some cranky old anti-Semite who just could not let the Jews have the last word. (Picture after the jump.) You can just imagine the poor guard at the door looking up and thinking “What now?!”  And I wouldn’t blame him one bit for just looking the other way out of sheer psychic exhaustion.

But both holidays are over now — the lovely official decorations are all down — and yet these two ghastly bits of business remain. They should be removed immediately.

The only solution for next year: no decorations of any kind. Just skip it. Let’s end this. Tell the governor that under no circumstances is he to return any calls from Fox News. And my plea to the local news stations; when Bishop Tobin calls another press conference, just don’t go. He has no news for you.

zombie christ

This isn’t even a matching set of any kind. It’s tacky and weird and belongs in a church or on top of Nana’s television.

remove asap

Time to go.

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