Good Deals Looking At Animals Or Art

red panda Free and Warm: The art is kept indoors and sometimes it’s free. The RISD Museum of Art charges no admission on Sundays, and the third Thursday evening of each month (details and schedule here).

Cheap and Bracing: It’s Winter Wonder Days at Roger Williams Park Zoo with special half-off winter rates through January and February. A partial list of the cold-hardy animals you might see includes; aoudad, bison, bald eagles, camels, emus, farmyard animals, kangaroos (?), pronghorns, moon bears, penguins, red-crowned cranes, seals, snow leopards, and (seen here) the red panda. While you’ll always see some animals on each trip to the zoo, which ones may change depending on weather conditions.

Our animal care team follows guidelines for each species pertaining to temperature, icing conditions and wind chill, and adjusts their environment accordingly.

This means that certain cold-hardy animals will almost always be on exhibit, while other animals will be allowed to choose whether they’d like to be outdoors or stay in their indoor space (which may or may not be viewable by the public, depending on the exhibit). Animals that are particularly sensitive to the cold may be kept off-exhibit in their indoor space whenever the temperature or other conditions require it.

Interior zoo exhibits are still open and there’s always the Wilderness Café where you can warm up. Adult admission $7.50/children ages 3 through 12, $4.95.

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  1. The Librarienne

    I thought the RISD Museum was only free on Sundays before 1pm?

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