RISD Grad To Host Oscars

Seth MacFarlane He is also a nominee for ‘Best Song’ commonly known as ‘Worst Category.’ (The enormously successful Seth MacFarlane (BFA ’95) is seen here in a RISD promo questioning at least one of his licensing decisions.) I love this guy and think he’s going to be great as host.

But a quote from him in this morning’s Parade caught my eye.

Asked what he thinks of Les Misérables, up for eight Oscars including Best Picture, he hmmms and deadpans, “I only watched the first four and a half hours. I’ll try to get through the next three and a half tonight.”

Many of this year’s movies had excessive running times — of course when Russell Crowe opens his mouth to sing, time seems to stop. These blockbusters devour screens at the theaters to such an extent that people who had no intention of enduring “The Hobbit” or “Les Miz” nonetheless find their own options limited by their mere presence. Oscar nominees “The Impossible” and “Bernie” came and went in a blink. Inexpensive digital movie-making shares the blame with the self-indulgent directors who can’t bear to edit one precious second of their endless footage.

Much has been made of the controversial beginning of “Zero Dark Thirty” but no one had prepared me for how boring it was. By the time that movie really gets interesting I was in a one hour energy hole and shifting in my seat. My pick for ‘Best Picture’ is “Argo” — running time exactly two hours.

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