Arcade Providence Apartments

The Arcade Interesting piece in The Atlantic Cities about the upcoming Arcade apartments with pictures and a model of the micro-units. Developer Evan Granoff has transformed the upper two floors into 48 apartments, thirty-eight of which are micro — between 225 and 450 square feet. (Complete floor plans can be seen at The Arcade Providence website.) Atlantic Cities describes what tenants can expect.

The tenants who move into the $550 apartment-lets this spring won’t need to bring much. The units come with built-in beds, full baths, and storage, so anyone fresh from dorm life or a recession-mandated stay with family could breeze in with nothing but a new mall wardrobe, a toothbrush, and some takeout from one of the ground-floor restaurants. With no stove to speak of, micro-dwellers will have to make due with, yes, their micro-waves.

According to the Microloft FAQs page pets will not be permitted and laundry facilities will be on the first floor. The units are priced starting at $550 a month and the developers say there’s already a waiting list. Forget all those half-empty “luxury” condo towers — we need more of these. This could be really cool.

(Image of micro-apartment courtesy of Evan Granoff/Arcade Providence)

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