St. Pat’s And St. Joe’s At City Hall

city hall Providence City Hall will be celebrating two noted feast days from the calendar of saints. Refreshments will be served.

Friday, March 15th — The St. Patrick’s Day Party includes an invocation and keynote, blah blah blah, but more importantly a dance performance by the Goulding School of Irish Dance and a musical performance by the Providence Police Bagpipe and Drum Corps. Bryan Rourke recently profiled the nascent pipers in the Providence Journal.

The Kevlar comes off. The kilts go on. The St. Patrick’s Day parades begin. This year, for the first time, Pawtucket, Providence and Newport all feature the Providence Police Pipes and Drums. A few years ago this wasn’t even possible. No one on the Providence force knew how to play bagpipes, or, for that matter, knew a note when they heard one. “I can barely play a CD, never mind a music instrument,” said Officer David Morgan.

Tuesday, March 19th — The St. Joseph’s Day Party also includes an invocation and keynote, and a musical performance by Bill Moretti and a vocal performance by Domenic DePasquale.

An occasional nod to Joseph of Arimathea would be nice; his feast day is also March 17th. (Anglicans vote too, you know.) You could serve cucumber sandwiches.

Free and open to the public, 1pm, Friday and again on Tuesday, City Hall, 25 Dorrance Street

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