Cable Car Cinema Needs To Go Digital

CCC poster Just this once I am going to break our long-standing rule against writing up Kickstarter campaigns; and I’m pretty sure I’m the one who came up with that rule, so there may be some tension in the lunchroom today. When crowd funding first arrived on the scene, our inbox rapidly filled up with requests for publicity for many worthy projects. And while we would love to support all the new bands and food truck ideas, which ones do you choose? We couldn’t do them all so we didn’t do any. Until now.

The Cable Car Cinema is a vital community asset with idiosyncratic programming: documentaries, Magic Lantern, opera, and Melissa auf der Maur once played there ferchrissake! The movie studios have notified theaters all over that 35mm prints will no longer be available and that they need to upgrade to a DCI compliant digital projection system or risk no longer being able to play their movies.

The Cable Car project has 16 days to go at the time of this writing and they are nearly 67% towards achieving their goal. They have some cool pledge rewards like this poster — “End of 35mm Cable Car”  by Jesse LeDoux (I like the early 60’s vibe, like “101 Dalmations”). So help put them over the top — go here to support the Cable Cable digital transition. (They did not contact the Dose for help with this and there has been no quid pro quo. I just need this place to be there for me. It’s all about me.)

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