Marathon Casanova Reading At Athenaeum — Join In

casanova (3.28) Another thrilling but short marathon reading coming up.

Not About The Buildings is ready to kick winter to the curb with its more-or-less annual March marathon reading. This time we’re tackling The Duel, the autobiographical tale by that notorious Casanova, Giacomo Casanova, as he flees one kingdom only to find himself challenged to a duel over the affections of a ballerina that no one actually seems to like very much. A witty comedy of manners and rigorous send-up of the noble classes, The Duel is highly entertaining and also not especially long. It’s not nearly as bleak as the stories we normally read at these events, either.

Come to the Athenaeum to read aloud, or just listen as other people read to you. The event is free (as always) and open to the public (also as always).

We’ll be reading the 2011 translation by James Marcus, which is readily available if you’d like to buy a copy; we’ll also have a limited number on hand, if you’d like to follow along.

Free, refreshments at 5pm; reading begins at 5:30pm, Thursday, March 28th, Providence Athenaeum
251 Benefit Street

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