Midweek Music

yoshiko ohara Wednesday@the Met, the Vapo Rubs, Ask the Dead, the diePods, Dorisduke @AS220, VII, Global Crash, 2N3904 @Dusk, Olneyville Sound System, Woozy, OldManLadyLuck @Firehouse 13, the Funky Autocrats @the Apartment, Able Thought, Resin ED, Population Paste @Fête, Hollywood Undead, Son of Sound, All Hail the Yeti

Thursday@AS220, Yoshiko Ohara (of Bloody Panda), Tovarish, Throne of the Void in the Hundred Petal Lotus, Hjorda @the Met, A Loss for Words, Alan Day, Paris, Trophy Wives @Nick-A-Nee’s, Dennis McCarthy Band @186 Carpenter, Littlefoot, Triple Lost Dragons, Last Family on Earth, Liz Isenberg @Fête, Mister Lies @the Salon, the Viennagram, the Volcano Kings, the Universes, Pixels

(Photo of Yoshiko Ohara)

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