One More Hurdle For Cluck!

cluck! (4.12) CLUCK!, the urban farm supply store on Broadway, was just about ready to hatch but certain abutting neighbors went to court today seeking to reverse the zoning variance approved last February. In today’s ProJo,

The Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Apostolic Church and four other neighbors — Anthony and Monica Paolino, John Paterra and Elizabeth Monaco — are in court fighting the debut of an urban farm-supply store on Broadway. Their lawsuit, to be heard Friday, asks Superior Court Judge Luis M. Matos to reverse the city’s late February approval of a zoning variance.

Complaints about parking congestion were addressed by the board who concluded that any use there would increase that problem. Were these people hoping for luxury condos to magically appear and boost property values, or are they just mad that they are losing their free off-street parking? It’s been an empty gas station surrounded by pavement for years; what a boon to the neighborhood this unique operation would be.

CLUCK! owner Drake Patten, who concedes that there were problems in proper notification, has already spent $26,000 on the improvements and modifications to the property, and invested $40,000 in inventory. They need to open for business. All that stands in her way now is that final certificate of occupancy, and the right decision from Judge Matos. Check the Facebook page for updates.

[Update: The ProJo reports that Judge Matos has ruled against Patten based on that notification issue. The “decision essentially voids the city’s approval, meaning Patten has to start the process over again if she wants to open her business.” What an unfortunate result. BC]

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